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This month I have started an exciting new journey in learning AUSLAN. It is something I have been considering for a few years now but learning a language can be daunting and difficult to find the time for. Thankfully, having friends to demonstrate learnings and being a part of a company that is driven by inclusivity, has made this venture an exciting one! 

Having the ability to learn online, at my own pace, has been phenomenal. Much like any kind of personal improvement, making use of small breaks or any time I have a sneaky ten minutes up my sleeve, has made a huge difference. I have realized just how important it is to find your own personal balance. 

When it comes to community engagement, having the tools for effective and inclusive engagement are key. Although I am still in my early stages of signing, I am just incredibly grateful for the opportunity to not only undergo this personal development, but also to hopefully reach more of the community and reduce barriers along the way.

As I’m still learning, if you catch me at a pop-up and have more to show, or correct, please do! 

Join us in learning AUSLAN with Kate Berg:


About Kate Berg

Kate is our passionate community engagement support worker experienced in helping organisations to benefit from high levels of community engagement. she has been described as being the ‘cool older sister’ at pop-ups, enabling her to engage even with the youngest community members in topics that they may not have considered before.

During her time with Conversation Co, Kate has been involved in a variety of projects which have been supported by her completion of IAP2’s engagement basics and persistent can-do attitude. A passion for learning and inclusion has steered her down the path of learning AUSLAN, in order to create a welcoming atmosphere for all to participate.

Conversation Co

About Conversation Co

We are a team of passionate and motivated professionals whose core focus is to generate social change with meaningful impact. Our ability to adapt and go above and beyond puts us in the best position to meet the needs of our clients and the community as a whole. We value relationships and put people first, and aim to create positive ongoing relationships with both our clients and the community. Facilitating meaningful conversations and making a difference to the whole community is at the heart of what we do.

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