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The Victorian Government is rolling out the Child Information Sharing Scheme to keep Victorian children safe and help them thrive.

Under this scheme, the sharing of appropriate information by professionals involved in a child or young person’s lives could make a big difference in keeping children and young people safe, happy and healthy.

For instance, the information requested and shared between authorised organisations can be used to better respond to the wellbeing or safety needs of children as well as assist the professional at managing and assessing potential risks.

On behalf of the Department of Education and Training we want to speak with families, carers and young people about the introduction of the Child Information Sharing Scheme to understand how to best communicate these changes to you.

We are looking for individuals with no experience, some experience and a lot of exposure to engagement with health professionals.

Participants that attend a focus group will receive a $50 electronic gift card.

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Any information you share with us that concerns the privacy of you and/or your family will only be to better understand how to have a conversation about the CISS.

Conversation Caravan is carrying out this research alongside the Department of Education and Training (DET) who is the leading whole of government implementation of the child information sharing reforms.

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