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Learn How To Communicate with the Media

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Learn how to use the media to promote your projects and brand.

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We understand dealing with the media or public speaking can be overwhelming and even scary for many people. However, it doesn’t have to be, if you have an understanding of how the media works and are well prepared. We can help you.

Yvette GrayJournalist

Meet your trainers

Conversation Co director Cindy Plowman and award winning journalist Yvette Gray have teamed up to share their inside knowledge on how to successfully gain publicity for your organisation and projects.

Cindy has extensive experience in social planning, placemaking and delivering programs across a wide range of government and non-government organisations.
She is passionate about fostering relationships and agencies, and the communities that they are working in. Cindy is effective at building understanding to create favourable experiences within communities.
Her experience working in councils have given her an insight into what type of media training is needed.
When not working, she finds people and causes to contribute to. Whether it’s developing a Strategic Plan for a local sporting club or applying for grants for her local Lifesaving Club, she is always looking for ways to improve communication.
Yvette is our communication specialist who has almost 20 years of experience in the media industry. She is an award-winning journalist, working as a reporter, presenter, and producer for TV, radio, print, and online. She is also experienced in public relations, having worked as a senior media advisor and manager at Life Saving Victoria.
She knows what it takes to make a good story and how to use it to your advantage in the media industry. She will also give you tips ranging from handling a publicity crisis to effective ways of using social media.
Yvette enjoys spending time with like-minded people and giving back to the community. A love of rowing led Yvette into surfboats and volunteer lifesaving. These days she is also busy being a mum and still has a strong passion for health and fitness.

Engaging the Media Online Course

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time pitching a story to the media or if you are already a seasoned media spokesperson, our new course caters to all levels to improve your relationship with the media and use it to your advantage. We’ll show you how the media works and teach you to:

  • Tell your own story.
  • Recover from a negative news story.
  • Build your confidence to speak to and respond to the media.
  • Be the media spokesperson or assisting the spokesperson.
  • Use your marketing channels to attract the media’s interest to use your stories.
  • Identify stories of interest.

To provide you with extra support, our Media Bubble Facebook group connects you with other participants to discuss all things media. We continue to offer our expert advice through zoom meetings in this group, beyond the completion of the course. Nothing makes us happier than seeing your organisation and projects promoted in print, online, on radio and TV.

Why is understanding the media important to you

The media is a powerful tool to spread your message to the wider community. It promotes your brand, your projects and most importantly, you. It’s a great platform to build your credibility and become a leader in your field. The media is an avenue to reach an audience of thousands and even millions of people, for free.

Start this course

Want more?

We offer face-to-face training, where you can be interviewed by a working journalist and answer the same questions they would ask at a press conference. We will give you feedback and tips, to help you improve and be a sought-after media spokesperson. These sessions can be tailored to suit your needs and suit all levels of experience.

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