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Privacy Policy

Conversation Co will adhere to The Information Privacy Act 2000 (Vic), the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012 and related Privacy Regulation 2013 (Cth). Where there is a conflict the Commonwealth legislation applies.


This policy applies to Conversation Co staff members. For the purposes of this policy, “staff members” will include:

  • every Conversation Co employee;
  • contractors/sub-contractors and any of their employees whilst engaged on work for Conversation Co;
  • consultants or consultants’ employees whilst on Conversation Co work; and
  • agents whilst acting on behalf of Conversation Co.


Where there is a related legislative Act, the privacy legislation will not override the related legislation.

Reasons to collect personal information
Conversation Co collects personal information:

  • to recruit relevant staff and continue employment with Conversation Co;
  • to deliver community engagement and research programs for clients;
  • to support the provision of services from external providers;
  • to establish and run professional development programs;
  • to promote Conversation Co to subscriber of our social media channels; and
  • to conduct business transactions.

The type of information Conversation Co collects varies on the reason behind the collection of information.

For internal purposes, the recruitment of staff, provision of services from external providers and to conduct business transaction Conversation Co collects:

  • names, addresses, telephone and email contacts as well as details required for employment or service transaction (taxation, superannuation, financial).
  • personal information from a range of third-party sources, such as referrals, or from publicly available sources such as the internet.

Conversation Co will keep its records in written and electronic format.

For external purposes, collection of personal information for research and community engagement is handled on behalf of the client, and this information is therefore owned by the client. Collection of details vary and are based on the requirements of the research or engagement project, this might include:

  • names, addresses, age, gender, telephone and email contacts as well as information that helps to identify a service need for the client.

This data is stored electronically for the purpose of the project, once the project is complete this data is handed over to the client and deleted from our Conversation Co server.

Conversation Co has a requirement within its business functions in which it must ensure privacy is maintained and respected.

These are:

  • business transactions; and
  • human resource management.

Conversation Co has adopted the Federal Government’s Australian Privacy Principles, in so far as they are applicable to the business and developed a set of standards which will be adhered to by all employees when providing a service to its members.

Conversation Co will also ensure its administrative and human resource management policies adhere to the requirements set out under the applicable legislation.