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Our Services and Expertise

Community engagement and stakeholder engagement is our specialty, backed by our knowledge and understanding of human behaviour.

We will provide a team that matches the needs of your project and prepare a full project methodology.

Community and stakeholder engagement

We create and deliver engagement programs that encourage dialogue between decision makers and their communities. We use a range of traditional and innovative engagement activities including facilitated workshops, street-based pop-ups, place-based community events and online engagement.

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  • Design and delivery of engagement strategies and programs across all levels of IAP2 Engagement Spectrum: Inform through to Empower.
  • Strategic advice on your engagement program to achieve a project objective.
  • Preparation of internal engagement processes, policies, tools and templates.
  • Planning and facilitation of a one off community meeting or workshop to deliver on your desired project objectives.
  • Analysis, reporting and evaluation of engagement programs and activities.

Social planning, policy and strategy

We combine industry research with community engagement to determine the current and future needs of the cmmunity. We provide strategic advice to inform the delivery of services and creation of places to strengthen society’s health and wellbeing. This creates a society where people feel safe, connected and have access to the services and facilities they need.

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  • Design and delivery of social research programs.
  • Strategy or policy development and preparation of action plans.
  • Review of community services or assets to understand current performance and future need.
  • Analysis, reporting and evaluation of social research programs.

Data Analysis and reporting

We analyse both qualitative and quantitative data to extract meaningful insights, which is then used to inform decision makers or gain a better understanding of the project or topic. Our customised reporting is tailored to meet the needs of the project and specific audiences. We are committed to closing the loop and reporting back project outcomes to engaged community groups, providing them with a tangible result of their contributions.

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  • Designing a data framework to assist with the collation and analysis of data.
  • Cleaning and coding data across a variety of engagement activities to increase future use.
  • Analysing and reporting data to extract meaningful insights relevant to the project needs and audience.
  • Preparation of infographics to present insights of your program.

Strategic Communications

We specialise in developing communications plans to promote your project and encourage community participation. We provide you with strategic advice to generate media attention and offer practical assistance with copy writing for your social media channels or project material.

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  • Preparation of communication plans and strategic advice to promote your project.
  • Copy writing for use across your communication channels (social media, media releases, emails) and project materials.
  • Copy writing for digital engagement for use on your corporate channels or engagement platform.
  • Training and preparing your spokesperson for an interview with the media.

Training and short courses

We provide training in community engagement for individuals to learn how to design, deliver, and evaluate their community engagement projects. Our new Engaging the Media course is designed to help promote your projects.  We offer public courses, in-house training and online learning, and can tailor a package to suit your needs.

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  • Self paced online Engaging the Media
  • Self paced online Virtual Icebreakers