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AI is not just a buzzword; its involvement is growing in every aspect and field, especially in the realm of marketing. While there are still many grey areas regarding policy and privacy in using AI, using the right tools in the right ways can make our work (and life) much easier.

So how can we utilise these tools for our projects and connect with communities? How can we embrace AI while staying safe? We know implementing AI can seem daunting, and we’re here to break it down for you.

Read on as we talk about the benefits of implementing AI, and share with you the AI-powered tools we have utilised for our blog posts, monthly newsletters, and social media here at Conversation Co.

AI for content creation

Descript utilises AI for language assistance tools, with functions such as translations, voiceover, and converting video into transcripts. Captions similarly offers features for video creation using AI, such as color grading, audio enhancement, or adding closed captions, like in our video here. These tools can help you produce high-quality content more productively, protect personal data such as your voice, and enhance your content’s reach, inclusivity, and accessibility.

AI for copywriting

ChatGPT and Grammarly are currently the most common AI tools for copywriting, whether you need assistance generating or proofreading social media captions, blog write-ups, or email marketing content. AI is also useful for note-taking with speech-to-text tools if you need to quickly jot down ideas or even write an entire blog post, as Cindy did for our B Corp blog.

AI for image

Image generation:

Image upscaler/enhancer:

AI can help you create an image or graphics from a description with preferred styles and sizes. The results don’t always come out perfect (at least not yet), but it can save you a lot of time generating visual assets for your social media, or infographics for your project report or community panel. AI image enhancer is also an useful tool as it helps improve image quality, allowing you to recycle and transform the pixelated or blurry photos into stunning visual content.

Benefits of implementing AI

Save time and cost

AI-driven tools can automate repetitive tasks and boost productivity in areas such as content creation, infographic design, email marketing campaigns, and more. This optimisation reduces operational costs and frees up time for us to focus on more strategic initiatives, such as building relationships and crafting personalised experiences.

Inclusivity and accessibility

AI-powered translation and language assistance tools address the needs of individuals with English as an Additional Language (EAL), ensuring that non-native speakers can fully participate in and understand the communications. AI-driven accessibility tools, such as speech-to-text and text-to-speech applications, assist individuals with visual or hearing impairments.

Boost creativity

AI can provide new insights and inspiration. By analysing data to reveal trends and insights, it can inspire new ideas for content and design. AI-driven tools can generate creative suggestions, helping to overcome creative blocks and develop more engaging and targeted marketing materials that resonate with the audience.

Tips to use AI safely

Manually review any AI-generated content before sharing

It is crucial to manually review AI-generated content to address any legal and ethical concerns, ensuring that it doesn’t contain any misinformation or biases. When using AI for image or text generation, make sure that the generated results align with your brand standards and guidelines.

Check data privacy and legal regulations before usage

Before using AI tools, make sure you have thoroughly read all data privacy regulations regarding access to and use of personal data, to protect your information and privacy. Don’t provide any sensitive information to prevent unauthorised access or misuse. Check the legal rights for commercial distribution and usage, and ensure that it complies with your legal and ethical standards.

In conclusion…

While AI tools offer significant advantages in efficiency and capability, they cannot replicate or replace the unique and nuanced qualities that a real human personality brings to interactions. Being transparent and open-minded when using AI can help you make the most of its capabilities, put it to good use and level up your work. Utilising AI for its strengths while maintaining human oversight ensures safety, ethical usage, and preserves the authenticity and personal touch that only humans can provide.

Conversation Co

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