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I really enjoy getting out for a walk but even more so as the sun begins to shine again. Walking gives me the opportunity to unwind and clear my head, I usually put on headphones and listen to music or a podcast. I have always enjoyed walking, with fond memories of walking to kindergarten, school and going for walks with my grandma to run errands when I stayed with her. 

A place that I like to walk around is Organ Pipes National Park, it’s a short drive from my home and has so much to offer. It makes a great change from walking around the streets in my local area. Organ Pipes National Park is the closest national park to Melbourne, located at the eastern-most edge of one of the world’s largest ancient volcanic lave flows. The basalt columns that resemble organ pipes were formed millions of years ago.

Top things I love about walking:

  • The feeling after a long walk – refreshed, energised and motivated
  • Walking with someone – lovely to chat
  • Listening to music or catching up on a podcast
  • Getting out in nature


About Kate Wilby

Kate, our Engagement Lead, possesses strengths in well-organised project management and her interpersonal communication with clients are a boon for any project she leads. Her genuine care for those she interacts with on client projects can be seen through the warm and compassionate approach she takes with communities, and the whole spectrum of stakeholder across a project.

She uses excellent communications skills to build trust with clients and communities, to deliver strong project outcomes. She enjoys developing and implementing creative engagement projects that keep stakeholders and communities informed and engaged.

Kate’s practice is centered on understanding the communities in which she is engaging, their preferences and their relationship to other community members. She taps into the connections and experiences of other agencies, working effectively with stakeholders and project partners to broaden the reach and effectiveness of the project.

Conversation Co

Conversation Co proudly acknowledges and celebrates First Peoples of Australia and their ongoing strength in upholding some of the world's oldest living cultures. We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the lands throughout what is now Victoria – where we live, conduct pop-ups, and engage with our communities – and pay our respects to their Elders, past and present. Conversation Co acknowledges First Peoples' sovereignty has never been ceded. The strength, resilience and pride of First Peoples, their cultures, communities and identities continue to grow and thrive today despite the impact of colonisation and ongoing experiences of racism.

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