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People who are caregivers of young children, family members who are frail, ill or have a disability may face additional barriers in taking part in community engagement activities. Below are some of the ways that Conversation Co seeks to address these barriers to enable caregivers an opportunity to have their voices heard:

  • Plan engagement activities for different times of the day, both in-person and online (if possible).
  • Encourage our clients to offer childcare or respite options for in-person workshops.
  • Be family-friendly. Provide colouring-in stations and toys at in-person workshops and pop-ups. We welcome little people and other family members when they “appear” in online meetings.
  • We go where our caregivers are. Plan our pop-ups near playgrounds and schools, outside community centres and libraries.
  • Consider accessibility for people using mobility devices, prams and pushers.
  • Bring the caffeine! Pop-ups with our fab caravans can offer caregivers the hot cup of coffee they sorely deserve!


About Kathryn Renwick

Kathryn, our Engagement Lead, has over a decade’s experience in local government and not-for-profit, working across social and health planning, community development and engagement. Her work is grounded in social justice principles; recognising the barriers that exist within our society and trying to lower them.

She considers it a privilege to work with the community and discuss the issues that matter to them. Bringing an outcome focused, open and flexible approach, Kathryn has a passion for people, engagement, and data. Integrity and accuracy are important to her – being true to the data and what people are saying.

Conversation Co

About Conversation Co

We are a team of passionate and motivated professionals whose core focus is to generate social change with meaningful impact. Our ability to adapt and go above and beyond puts us in the best position to meet the needs of our clients and the community as a whole. We value relationships and put people first, and aim to create positive ongoing relationships with both our clients and the community. Facilitating meaningful conversations and making a difference to the whole community is at the heart of what we do.

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